Helsinki City Council


The City Council is the highest decision-making body of Helsinki. It is elected through local elections every four years. The City Council oversees the City’s operations and finances.

The Council decides the administrative regulations (PDF) governing the City’s operations; the long-term goals set for Helsinki’s operations and finances in the City Strategy; and the distribution of funds from the City’s annual budget for different City operations.

The City Council decides what governing bodies the municipality has, who their members are, and how the powers and responsibilities are divided between the elected officials and municipal office holders. Read more: Who decides what?

The City Council has 85 members, who represent different political groups. There is a Deputy Councillor for each City Councillor. The current City Council’s period of office is 2021–2025.

On this page you will find

Kaupunginvaltuuston kokous kesäkuussa 2023. Kuva: Sakari Röyskö

Recent documents

Minutes and agendas comprise of cases that are handled in a meeting.

A decision announcement is published shortly after a meeting.  The announcement contains only decisions made at the meeting, so it has to be read side-by-side with the agenda. The minutes will replace both the agenda and decision announcement when it's published.

Recent meeting recording

The next meeting will be held at 29.5.2024 14:50

You can watch a recording of the latest Council meeting here. The All recordings-link will take you to the City's video service Helsinki-kanava.

Kaupunginvaltuuston kokous 9/15.5.2024


The agenda is usually published on the Thursday prior to a meeting. A decision announcement is published on this page shortly after a meeting.

Date Time Additional information
29.05.2024 18:00
05.06.2024 18:00 Meeting moved, original time: 12.06. 18:00
19.06.2024 16:00
28.08.2024 18:00
11.09.2024 18:00
25.09.2024 18:00
09.10.2024 18:00
23.10.2024 18:00
06.11.2024 18:00
13.11.2024 18:00
27.11.2024 16:00
11.12.2024 16:00

Members: Kaupunginvaltuusto