Equality and Non-discrimination Commission

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 The current Equality and Non-discrimination Commission, consisting of elected political officials, was appointed by the City Board in 2023. The commission consists of 11 members. Each member has a personal deputy. The commission’s term of office is two years (2023–2025).

The City Board appoints commissions for monitoring various cross-sectoral themes. The commissions do not have any direct decision-making powers.

21 August 2023 (in Finnish)Appointment decision – City Board 

Tasks of the commission


  • Support the mainstreaming of equality and gender equality into comprehensive principles in all activities and services of the city
  • Monitor, support and assess the implementation of gender equality and the prevention and elimination of discrimination based on gender, gender expression or gender identity in activities and services of the City of Helsinki
  • Promote, monitor and assess the achievement of equality
  • Prevent and eliminate discrimination on the grounds defined in the Non-discrimination Act in activities and services of the City of Helsinki
  • Monitor and assess the implementation of the city-level equality and non-discrimination plan for services
  • Make proposals and issue statements and opinions to other parties in the city organisation to promote and realise equality and non-discrimination

Commission members and their personal deputies for the 2023-2025 term

Member Deputy

Zahra Karimy, 


 (The Greens)

Anssi Järvinen (The Greens)

Seida Sohrabi, 

vice chairperson 

(National Coalition Party)

Joona Haavisto (National Coalition Party)
Petra Urasto (National Coalition Party) Janne Koivunen (National Coalition Party)
Timo Vuori (National Coalition Party) Rhoda Korpijärvi (National Coalition Party)
Lauri Skön (National Coalition Party) Maria Miala (National Coalition Party)
Iris Flinkkilä (The Greens) Abdulkadir Isak (The Greens)
Milo Toivonen (The Greens) Riikka Leinonen (The Greens)
Mojibur Doftori (The Greens) Sini Kaartinen (The Greens)
Mari Laasio (Social Democratic Party of Finland) Tuomas Järvinen (Social Democratic Party of Finland)
Minna Majaniemi (Left Alliance) Ahmad Noor Hassan (Left Alliance)
Tyko Hertzberg (Swedish People's Party of Finland) Byoma Tamrakar (Swedish People's Party of Finland)

Meetings of the commission


The spring 2024 meetings of the Equality and Non-discrimination Commission: 18.1., 29.2., 21.3., 25.4, 23.5.

The minutes of the earlier committee meetings are available below (only in Finnish).

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Statements and opinions of the commission

The statements and opinions of the commission are available below (only in Finnish).