Sub-Committee for Individual Cases

Committees and boards

The Sub-Committee for Individual Cases handles certain matters concerning appeals and other official matters in the Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division.

The City Council appoints the Sub-committee’s members and deputies for the City Council’s period of office. The City Council also appoints the Chairs from among the Sub-Committee’s actual members.

The Sub-committee has nine members. Each member has a personal deputy member.

On this page you will find

Recent documents

Minutes and agendas comprise of cases that are handled in a meeting.

A decision announcement is published shortly after a meeting.  The announcement contains only decisions made at the meeting, so it has to be read side-by-side with the agenda. The minutes will replace both the agenda and decision announcement when it's published.


The agenda is usually published at least four days prior to a meeting. A decision announcement is published on this page shortly after a meeting. The meetings are not open to the public.

Date Time Additional information
30.05.2024 16:30
13.06.2024 16:30
27.06.2024 16:30
01.08.2024 16:30
15.08.2024 16:30
29.08.2024 16:30
12.09.2024 16:30
26.09.2024 16:30
10.10.2024 16:30
24.10.2024 16:30
07.11.2024 16:30
21.11.2024 16:30
12.12.2024 16:30

Members: Sosiaali-, terveys- ja pelastuslautakunnan yksilöasioiden jaosto